Chompathon Design Challenge: Company One Slider

How do you tell a story in one frame? This was the question posed to our design team in another Chompathon design challenge – to extrapolate what they saw as the essence of a company into one slide. The goal: take a dry page of data about a company—something we often get as a starting point from our clients—and turn it into a visual that honors their brand guidelines while giving them something that elevates their market position and inspires them as well!

The Company One Slider design challenge:

  1. Choose a company. This could be a dream client, a brand in need of refreshed visuals, or one totally outside your comfort zone. Our team chose Zappos because they are a forward-thinking retail platform with an interesting brand and persona.
  2. Get the details. Pull information from Wikipedia to get started. Review their visual style from their website, videos, etc. Our design team was given this as a quick company overview.
    Black slide with white text giving an overview of Zappos, an online shoe and clothing retailer
  3. Distill and create. Taking all the information you’ve found, create one slide that tells the company’s story.
  4. Share and vote. If you’re part of a team, share everyone’s designs, discuss, and vote! We usually vote for a favorite, in this instance the winner got a giftcard to Zappos for some sweet new kicks.

Here are our designers’ slides, in no particular order:

Design challenge results - one slide with colorful blocks of text and illustrations Half of an orange sneaker cut with half of a black leather shoe with blue text on a white background Bluewave slide design - white text over blue duotone shoe Green monster feet over pink carpet with white text from Bay Area design agency Black and blue text around blue shoelaces in the shape of a Z Colorful slide design inspired by fashion magazines

Retail photos next to text on a white slide

And the winner, by designer Nick!

Four photos of people's lower legs and shoes over colorful backgrounds from Seattle design agency

You can also take your slide and imagine it as a billboard:

Bus stop billboard with green monster feet on pink carpet Billboard on a building with text over blue duotone shoe

It’s always exciting to see how different designers approach their work, and can create such different designs from the same starting point! These creative design exercises are a great way to let loose and see what’s possible.

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Want some of this creativity on your own slides? Get in touch!

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