6 'Foolproof' Presentation Proofing Techniques

6 'Foolproof' Presentation Proofing Techniques

Nothing is more embarrassing than presenting in front of a group of clients/peers/co-workers, making what you think is a stellar presentation, only to discover a major typo that suddenly appears during your talk. Beyond the possibility of losing credibility, your audience may fixate on the error rather than hearing your message. After crafting a presentation, you’ll want to […]

Version Control

Version control may not sound like a big problem, but here’s a typical scenario that can drive budgets up quickly. The client sends the designers a file. The design team assumes they have the final file and no one is still working on slides. Unbeknownst to the designers, the client has one or more people […]

Selling with a Hands-on ROI Demo

Bluewave is all about visual storytelling. We design professional presentation media that help our clients deliver clear, compelling and visually impactful communications for corporate events, keynote executive speeches, product launches, sales meetings and road shows. These are often big-stakes situations, where high pressure, precision and state-of-the-art multimedia predominate. But sometimes the most effective selling tool […]

Slide Aspect Ratios: What You Need to Know

Many PowerPoint presentations are formatted at the default 4:3 aspect ratio, which is the display size used by older TV screens and projectors. Widescreen shows, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, are becoming more and more common. Keynote conferences and other high-end events will likely be displayed in widescreen environments. For smaller venues, widescreen HD-capable DLP chip projectors are now very […]

How to Get Help with Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office Discussion Groups is a great resource for any questions you may have about working with PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook and other Microsoft Office products. It’s the place to go when you’ve finally thrown in the towel and conceded defeat, or just want to get more familiar with techniques and procedures. http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx  You can ask questions […]

The Collaborative Process in Brief

Needs Analysis Review project briefs or outlines Clarify the message Identify the target audience Determine the optimal media/platform Proposal Development Statement of work — Includes a description of the project and list of deliverables. Budget — Each budget is project-based. We keep our customers continuously updated on budget as we proceed through design and production. Schedule — […]