Short and very dry, please.

I like my coffee every day and prefer cappuccinos that are short and dry. Now, for the uninitiated, let me explain. That means a cappuccino with less milk and proportionally more foam. There is no exact measure for what the proportion should be and that is where the skills of a good barista come into […]

And Mobile marches along

Clearly, mobile continues to open up hitherto unknown opportunities. As a digital marketing agency, we are working with customers on various mobile and Microsoft Tag and QR code related initiatives – from powering contests, real-time coupons, location sensitive campaigns to scavenger hunts and continue to get requests for new, innovative ideas. Just last week, I […]

What next, QR?

As a firm that has done some leading edge work around QR codes and Microsoft Tag, Nayamode has some perspective on what works and what doesn’t. A recent article on suggests that reality hasn’t quite kept pace with the promise from QR codes. Marketers are using it widely, possibly indiscriminately, causing potential fatigue and […]

Mobile On!

It’s been a while since I’ve been active here and for good reason. A couple of months ago, our company Nayamode acquired a mobile apps and solutions company called Mobile On, based out of Minneapolis, MN. With the strong mobile practice that Nayamode has built over the past couple of years, adding Mobile On to […]