A lot has changed for Nayamode in the last several years including our people, leadership team, offices, businesses we operate, customers we serve. We’ve spun out businesses, acquired a couple of businesses (Bluewave and MobileOn) in two different states (CA and Minnesota), changed our business model, restructured the company. I could go on but you get the idea.

One thing that has stayed largely consistent for perhaps fifteen years is our logo and overall look and feel. We created/adopted the logo below in our relative infancy and have loved and used it ever since. The name was the logo and the name conveyed a lot, with the design element adding to the visual appeal, but perhaps not that much more.


Nayamode Logo


As a design company that actually creates entire brands and brand/visual guidelines for our customers, it was incumbent on us to evolve and reflect what Nayamode today stands for. As a result, our team has developed our new logo system (yeah, it’s not just one, since we’re not just one entity anymore!) that reflects a lot of what Nayamode is about today. To wit –

  • A company with multiple businesses including:
  • A company with several diverse elements we want to marry in a cohesive fashion
  • Convey our desire to move forward and upward.

Our new logo family below reflects this:

Nayamode logo family



We believe it’s a clever melding of the ‘n’ from Nayamode (and know’N’act) and the wave from Bluewave. We are also proud of how well it connotes upward movement and energy, both in terms of the dynamism of the wave form/element as well as the pseudo graph line formed by the ‘n’ which points upwards.

Our colors are established in the past but are a fresh take on what we’ve used for years, with energy and modernism.

And finally, the consistency in the logos across all four entities makes it clear that this is one group of companies, one family of brands.

We hope you agree! We’re delighted with the work our team has produced and excited about our future.

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