The women behind design for everyday life

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, the Bluewave team has been focused on how women designers have shaped the creative world—in particular, the idea that good design belongs in everyday life. As Bluewave’s Design Director, Karen Kamberg, says: “[It’s all about]… our ability to take complex ideas and reduce them down to their simplest […]

Video in the time of Covid-19

Part of our series on “Marketing in the time of Covid”. Over the last several years, video has played an outsized role in most marketing teams’ arsenal. Clearly not a fad, and whether brought about by the explosion of YouTube, Vimeo and the ubiquity of high-quality video cameras (aka your smartphone), or just by shortening […]

10 changes after Covid-19

My thoughts on 10 ways (in no particular order) the world will be different after Covid-19. Business travel will decline dramatically and stay down. People have figured out that much of white-collar work can be done without meeting in person, and will choose that option going forward. Personal/leisure travel will rebound. You can’t really Zoom […]


CALLING ALL DESIGNERS! Here’s something fun, but important. As we know, Design is much more detail oriented than it may seem to some, and a lot of thought goes into the execution… …Usually. When designing something – anything really – it’s always important to try to imagine it from different viewpoints and situations, or you […]

Meet our modern marketing agency

Meet our modern marketing agency

One of the many reasons Bluewave is excited about our partnership with Nayamode is the incredible strength of the combined services that we are now able to offer our clients. Nayamode’s experience in creating content, web development, tools for apps and mobile, and their deep bench of marketing consultants united with Bluewave’s expertise in visual design, presentations and storytelling lead to a powerful new modern marketing agency.
Here’s the story of how we’ve evolved to bring our customers the most cutting-edge marketing solutions.

Whither, digital marketing?

Just a few years ago, as digital marketing became all the rage, Nayamode went through one of our many metamorphoses and became a “Digital Agency”. This likely meant different things to different people, but our emphasis was on all things digital, or at least, online. From creating great websites, apps, and tools, to of course […]