Video in the time of Covid-19

Part of our series on “Marketing in the time of Covid”.

Over the last several years, video has played an outsized role in most marketing teams’ arsenal. Clearly not a fad, and whether brought about by the explosion of YouTube, Vimeo and the ubiquity of high-quality video cameras (aka your smartphone), or just by shortening attention spans that demand digestible information/edutainment delivered right to our phones and requiring minimal effort to consume (unlike reading, which is still more of an active exercise), videos are a staple of how businesses sell, and customers learn and buy.

In the technology space (where most of Nayamode’s customers are), videos have been especially important whether it be to tell compelling customer stories, explain complex products, or just build excitement about a company, program or solution. Often, we’ve flown a crew literally around the world to shoot videos for our customers, and regularly gone to their offices or factories for a shoot.

Enter Covid-19.

What’s a business to do if you can’t go to your customers, meet in person, shoot that high-quality video on location to convey that sense of authenticity?

You improvise.

Fortunately, technologies today, and a little savvy make it possible to deliver high enough quality videos without breaking the bank. Or putting any of your staff in harm’s way.

At Nayamode, we’ve created flexible packages for “Touchless Videos” for customers who need videos done even as the pandemic rages. Ranging from the basic version which can be shot over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar, all the way up to a full-fledged production where we will ship out tripods, microphones, greenscreens and more.

In all of these, our team works closely every step of the way with the customer and subjects of the video. From helping them choose the right lighting and background, to setting up the tripod and camera for optimal framing, to directing them remotely on how to enunciate, emote or just even what to say. As always, we’re available to craft the narrative, generate a script and dialog if needed, add in special effects in our studios and create a finished product that customers will be happy to share with their customers, partners and internal teams, post to their websites and use to drive marketing campaigns.

Covid-19 is here for the near term, but business must go on. Creating powerful content is part of the new challenge presented, but Touchless videos could be just the solution you need.

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