Trends in Design – Racing toward 2020

As we enter 2019, another decade fast approaching, we look at some of the upcoming and current trends in design – web, print, and across the board.

The Return of the Serif:
For the last few decades, the serif has seemed almost like a thing of the past, made for print layout and unimpressive online. Things seem to be changing here and the serif is coming back. Let’s be clear – Sans Serif fonts are not going anywhere, but they are just going to need to move over and allow their elders to come back to work.

Open Compositions & Asymmetry:
Order is not always the best route. Sometimes you need to embrace a little chaos. Allowing for the idea that there is “more here than meets the eye” is starting to take hold. Rather than always showing layouts with everything present and accounted for in a clean, neat little layout, we’re stating to ask “what else is out there?”. It’s a great idea to leave something to the imagination.

Gradients, Bold Colors & Duotones:
Gradients have been creeping back for a while now, but it seems that they may finally be here to stay. Logos have been starting to add them back in, as the problems with banding in both printing and low quality online is fading. Along that line, duotones have been rising to meet us as well, along with bold, striking colors. Impact is key here.

Full-screen Video:
Videos. We know they’ve been coming for some time. We also know that they’re here, and look poised to stay. Whether as an informational helper, a background element, or full-on content, video is here, and it’s bigger than ever.

Bold, Involved Typography:
Typography, especially online, is finally getting the appreciation it deserves, as not simply content and data, but as it’s own visual element, and an impact-maker of its own.

Art Deco Resurgence:
With the centennial of the roaring twenties approaching, on it’s back rides the resurgence of Art Deco, with it’s thin lines, gradated metallics and sophisticated, opulent style. A welcome trend and variation on modern design.

Cinemagraphs: Still a thing:
Ah, cinemagraphs… you know those fun images that are essentially a static image with a portion of it in motion? They’ve been fun for a couple of years now, but a fad? Nope – doesn’t look like it. With video as big as it is, it makes perfect sense.


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