Adapting to the new ‘normal’

The world may not seem ‘normal’ these days, but business needs to go on. Even if you can’t meet with your customers and partners in person---a video can tell a powerful story in a personal way. 

Nayamode Studios can help you create compelling videos even under lock-down conditions. Choose from our range of business video production options including from low stress options to more full-featured packages that will move your audience.

Our Professional Video Production Packages

With several corporate video production options from the lowest touch to the highest quality, we can work with your subjects to deliver Touchless videos to keep your business moving. Even as you stay at home. A video production agency to help you adapt to the ‘new’ normal.

Simple icon

Option 1

Keep it simple

Record Via a Teams Live Call

We will be on the other end directing the video recording to ensure a high-quality product.

  • Ensure framing is right
  • The subject is on script
  • Background is appropriate
    (Option to customize in Teams)
Enhanced icon

Option 2


DIY Shoot Set-up Kit

Basic equipment upgrades to step up your game. Prior to the shoot:

  • We'll mail you a tripod and microphone
  • We'll work with you to identify the best shooting location in your home
  • We'll help you set up and test the equipment

During the shoot, we'll be on the other end of the video call to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Ready icon

Option 3

Stage ready

Advanced DIY Shoot Set-up Kit PLUS custom backgrounds & green screen

Includes everything from options 1 and 2 PLUS a custom-designed, branded virtual background appropriate to the meeting or event. We can even ship you a green screen if we find your setup needs it.

Our process


Determine story, script
and visual treatment


Choose the right
production option


Remote filming
by crew


Draft video
for review


Final video with animation,
titles, b-roll as needed

Nayamode has been my agency partner of choice for several years.

At Samsung, when I needed an agency that could create high quality videos, I turned to Nayamode because they really understand the technology marketer’s audience and know how to speak to them.

Hye Jun

Director of Enterprise Business Marketing