It’s been a while since I’ve been active here and for good reason. A couple of months ago, our company Nayamode acquired a mobile apps and solutions company called Mobile On, based out of Minneapolis, MN.

With the strong mobile practice that Nayamode has built over the past couple of years, adding Mobile On to our portfolio was a logical step for us. With a strong practice in iOS and Android based mobile apps and solutions, Mobile On fits very well with Nayamode’s goal of providing end to end mobile solutions for our clients. Nayamode has traditionally developed cloud, HTML5 and Windows Phone based mobile apps and solutions thus far.

This is more than a move to just ‘hedge our bets’ on the mobile front. We firmly believe that the future of mobile includes most of the elements mentioned here including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and cloud based solutions that leverage the best of HTML5 and JavaScript. While in no danger of becoming a market leader anytime soon, Windows Phone will likely have its day in the sun and is a market that requires to be addressed. And we remain big fans of HTML5 for mobile solutions, given the increasing capabilities of the technology accompanied by the rapid advances in mobile bandwidth. We believe that our clients will want solutions that are viable across platforms, devices and browsers.

We are very proud of the work our new team has already done for marquee clients such as 3M, for whom they/we have developed solutions that include B2B, B2C, mobile games, apps and integrated campaigns. We plan to take the best practices there and deploy to the benefit of our many existing clients as well.

Watch this space for more on this shortly.

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