Meaningful AI- Business Value in the AI Ecosystem

Nayamode has gone through many incarnations as a technology and design company; we’ve also seen many technology trends be birthed, grow, and even some die.  When a company gets involved in the fast changing world of technology and technology-enabled services and marketing, it must perforce deal with a world that reinvents itself every few years.  We’re proud to have “ridden the bull” with some success, almost all driven by our people, customers, and partners.

With all the changes we’ve seen, one thing has remained consistent, persistent even- our striving to create business value in every relationship, with every project, and with everything we build.  Business value, in its broadest sense, is about furthering the customers’ agenda with their customers’ needs in mind.  Helping our clients engage with their audiences, wow them with value-laden experiences, and proffer innovations in a competitive marketplace is the hallmark of the Nayamode way.

A recent trend that has caught our attention is the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  To be clear, the concept is 60 years old, but really only in the last 5 years have we seen a massive burgeoning in the sector, replete with hundreds of billions of dollars of investment and marketing rhetoric to match.  AI is invoked everywhere, has found a place in all company’s pitch documents.

We’ve been lucky to work with many organizations that can properly lay claim to the mantle of being AI or AI-driven.  For us, what distinguishes  “meaningful” AI from “rhetorical” AI is –once again- business value.  Does a company’s AI work or innovations accrue to solving real problems or in any way enhance the operations or outcomes in a particular vertical or scenario?  For us, that’s the real question.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are no doubt leading the way here.  But one would be remiss if missing the clusters of AI companies growing and amalgamating around verticals or even large asset classes.

Consider the Real Estate asset class for a moment.  For most people, the single largest economic decision they make is which house to buy.  In the US alone, Real Estate is a $29T asset class.  Imagine the possibilities if AI were applied to transactions, valuations, and analytics in this important industry.  Companies like Zillow and Redfin are doing this; so too is Bellevue-based Quantarium, an emerging player in the AI for Real Estate space.

The point here is that while we have the usual suspects- and they are doing great things- there is an entire ecosystem being built in meaningful AI.   In each vertical and asset class.

At Nayamode, we are glad to be a participant in this glorious and meaningful revolution in what’s possible.

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