We’ve just powered a very innovative campaign for the Compass Group in one of the corporate cafeterias they service for Microsoft. If you’ve ever walked up to a food court and wondered what to eat, especially if the items tend to change reasonably often, we may have found the perfect solution for it.

Using a combination of Microsoft Tags, an easy to use smartphone based feedback system with simple thumbs up and down options and a powerful real-time reporting system on the backend, we’re capturing customer feedback on their meals as they are consumed and immediately rendering the results by item, on large monitors in the cafeteria. So as you walk in, you get a sense for which food station is getting good reviews today and which ones are not. Yelp on steroids!

How does this help? Customers are helping each other determine what’s good today and what to avoid. The food stations are now much more accountable than they’ve ever been for the quality of the food they serve and the cafeteria management gets real-time insight into what their consumers are saying or thinking about what’s on offer. Which allows them to make changes to the menu, service or staff as appropriate, while building a greater sense of customer service and accountability all around, which should lead to greater customers satisfaction and loyalty.

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