permanent  | redmond, washington
Date posted: February 4, 2022

We’re looking for an experienced Creative Director (visual design) who can come in and help us not only deliver great design with the existing team, but raise the level of our creativity overall.

We’re a visual storytelling firm (think graphics, presentations, videos, infographics and more) that work with the most demanding Fortune 100 firms such as Microsoft, HP, JP Morgan Chase, Visa and several smaller brands as well.

The ideal candidate:

  • is creative and has a fine eye for detail
  • has the ability to take complex ideas and render them visually
  • is a team player and also a leader as needed. Not by authority but because of the respect they earn from their peers and team members who will look up to them for their skills and competence
  • has worked with similar design or marketing agencies and has experience working directly with clients
  • brings strong written and verbal communications skills and is a great listener
  • has at least ten years experience in this field and an education in the graphic arts
  • is accomplished with Adobe Creative Suite products

You MUST be located either in the SF Bay Area or the Seattle area to be considered.