If a picture is worth a thousand words….

…..what value for a moving picture?

It’s no surprise that video has taken off exponentially as a medium of communication. What started out as mostly an entertainment platform has become so much more today, especially in the corporate world. From inspirational videos, customer stories, to product or solution overviews, to more basic ‘how-to’, short and snappy videos, our customers are increasingly turning to video to cut through the clutter and get their message across. We think there are a few factors at play here:

  • Audience attention spans are increasingly shorter
  • Fragmented demands on our time and focus, and the clichéd information overload
  • Video is ‘easier’ to consume than the written word. It’s more passive, takes less effort
  • It’s easier to inject various emotions in a short 1 min video. This is especially true for the morale building or inspirational or ‘lifestyle’ type videos which can convey joy, pathos, heartbreak all in one

The advent of increasingly smart phones and powerful video editing software now make it possible even for amateurs to produce fairly polished videos that can be used by a corporation to communicate to their customers and partners, when the subject is cut and dried – e.g. ‘how-to’ videos that provide an overview of a feature in a product.

However, to create videos that make a lasting impression, and appeal to the heart and the head, takes a lot more expertise. From carefully scripting the story, to shooting it professionally and very importantly, the post-production process where tight editing can make the difference between a video that barely registers, and one that you remember long after the show is over.

Nayamode is proud to have created scores of videos over the years for our clients. And thrilled to announce the launch of Nayamode Studios, an end-to-end solution for customers who want to work with an agency that has the experience and expertise they need to create all the videos to tell their story in the best way possible.

Give us your story to tell – we’ll do it beautifully!

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