Every marketer worth her salt knows the importance of customer satisfaction. There is significant amount of research and data on the impact of good and poor customer experiences. The latter often less immediate than the latter, which can often lead to loss of business, strengthening negative perceptions about your product, service or brand overall and just a harmful impact on topline and bottomline.

Interestingly, what is not known nearly in any measurable or actionable way is exactly who the unhappy customers are, when do they have the experience that leads them to become unhappy and how does one connect and engage with them in a manner that turns around their perception, reduces risk of loss of business and has a positive impact on the company overall.

Several services have developed to address this issue but none of them offers meaningful, actionable information and data that a marketing or operations manager can use to either address the customer satisfaction issue, or indeed, re-orient and refocus the company’s staff to get ahead the curve on this very business critical issue.

We’d love to hear from our readers on what they’re seeing in their business today and what solutions have worked or not so far.

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