Here’s something fun, but important. As we know, Design is much more detail oriented than it may seem to some, and a lot of thought goes into the execution…


When designing something – anything really – it’s always important to try to imagine it from different viewpoints and situations, or you may end up with something… amiss. And nobody’s safe – Graphic Design – Fashion – ID – Branding – Web & Digital – With the world as exposed as it is today, it’s good to be on our toes. A few things to be wary of when putting something together:

Always QC:
Be sure to do a quality check before finishing up. Or better yet – have someone else do it. You may not notice something glaringly obvious when you’ve been working on it and staring at it for a while. It also helps to think about it from an outside perspective.

Always Proofread:
Always think about, and watch for wordplay, grammar, punctuation, fonts, & kerning. Text can be tricky, but it doesn’t need to be. Have someone else proofread it to make sure it’s all up to snuff. A second eye never hurts!

Remember Placement:
Ultimately, all of these really are placement, when you come down to it, but specifically keep in mind the end result – where it’s going to be posted, and how.

And as for Logo Design… well, I won’t go into them here, but let’s just say that, uh… interpretation is key.

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