And Mobile marches along

Clearly, mobile continues to open up hitherto unknown opportunities. As a digital marketing agency, we are working with customers on various mobile and Microsoft Tag and QR code related initiatives – from powering contests, real-time coupons, location sensitive campaigns to scavenger hunts and continue to get requests for new, innovative ideas.

Just last week, I was talking with a friend that runs an online survey company about how Microsoft Tags and QR codes can revolutionize real-time, location based surveys and data gathering. An hour later, I see a QR code being used by REI in their store to gather feedback!

There is some adoption of this idea happening already and it behooves any company or organization that deals with a large number of end customers to seriously evaluate how they can use this now. Think about it – especially by using Microsoft Tag, you can get feedback ranging from the simple (up/down vote) to complex (invite them to share more details on a mobile webpage). Wherever, whenever. While waiting at the bus stop, riding the bus, reading a magazine at the salon or dentist, at retail, banks, airports….you get the idea. You may finally have the ability to hear from your customers right when they’re experiencing your product or service, and know exactly where they are when they respond and connect that back to your specific branch, outlet or service center.

And do something about it in real-time. Connect with specific customers one on one, provide incentives, or compensation for a poor experience.

We’re only limited by our imagination on how far we can take this.

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