About Us

Nayamode in Hindi means a ‘new turn’. Which accurately reflected our founder's switch from a corporate career (Microsoft, Coca-Cola) to starting a new business. The name also captures the essence of what Nayamode was created to do: to provide new and innovative ways for our clients to get their job done. Today, whether it’s the quality of our service, our delivery efficiency, or the tools we deploy, we bring the ability to scale from servicing the needs of a startup all the way up to the largest Fortune 50 companies.


  • Ben Grefsurd
    Ben Grefsurd
    Art Director / Lead Designer
  • David Nix
    David Nix
    Vice President, California
  • Elsie Chan
    Elsie Chan
    Project Manager
  • Jeff Robinson
    Jeff Robinson
    Director of Business Development
  • Patricia Clem
    Patricia Clem
    Head of Content and Campaigns
  • Srivats Srinivasan
    Srivats Srinivasan
    Founder / CEO
  • Stu Fisher
    Stu Fisher
    Vice President, Digital
  • TC Carey
    TC Carey
    Office Manager / Bookkeeper
  • Xoe Heeney
    Xoe Heeney
    Business Manager
  • Aimee Voelz
    Aimee Voelz
  • Anne Decker
    Anne Decker
  • Colleen Furrow
    Colleen Furrow
  • Emiliya Wazeri
    Emiliya Wazeri
  • Hannah Rames
    Hannah Rames
  • Jon Karlin
    Jon Karlin
  • Joyce Bileau
    Joyce Bileau
  • Kirstie Chan
    Kirstie Chan
  • Kristin Alexander
    Kristin Alexander
  • Linda Leste
    Linda Leste
  • Liz Keyser
    Liz Keyser
  • Meredith Goldstein
    Meredith Goldstein
  • Pattie MacCool
    Pattie MacCool
  • Rashmi Shenai
    Rashmi Shenai
  • Tina Monroe
    Tina Monroe

Vision & Mission

Vision – Be the best global modern marketing agency for the world’s top brands. Mission – Deliver the perfect combination of people and technologies to drive success for our clients as they market and sell to their customers.


Find and retain great people, give them challenging and interesting projects and empower them to drive success. With that as our guiding people philosophy, we are always looking for talented and driven people to join our growing team. Check out the openings we have currently and see if the shoe fits. We want you to love what you do and do what you love. That is at the heart of a career at Nayamode. We support you in achieving that by offering competitive pay and benefits, multiple career options and project opportunities, flexible work hours and work spaces, training, and a network of experts and colleagues sharing experiences and providing support. Even if you don’t see the perfect job yet, drop us a line, our needs keep changing! We offer:

  • Multiple career opportunities with lots of on-going projects
  • Competitive pay
  • Referral program
  • Health benefits including vision, dental and a life insurance policy
  • Additional benefit options including accident, disability and illness insurance
  • Career development through regular networking and training events
  • Team-building volunteer activities within the community

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Manager, Internal Comms role
Creative Director
Tech PM, CloudKnox
Vice-President & Business Head, Consulting Division
Talent Manager
Digital Marketing/E-commerce Manager: Azure Web Direct – Cloud Marketing
Director, Strategic Accounts
Program Manager, Azure Networking