Celebrate Disruption

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  • Video
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  • Editing

Listen & learn

Our client wanted to take advantage of Microsoft’s annual Inspire event to celebrate momentum and generate interest in the year-old Windows 365 product. It needed to be complimentary without self-congratulating, partner inclusive, and exciting without having anything new to launch. …and there were only 6 weeks until the event.

Nayamode Bluewave client Microsoft 365

Distill & create

Where other vendors rejected the tight timeline, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We were able to dive in quickly with our deep familiarity with Microsoft products and shooting on campus. We developed the script, scouted locations, and assembled a crew to shoot new footage that showed off the product in real scenarios (with our client as a featured extra). The post-production team seamlessly edited the new clips with previous marketing videos and stock footage, replaced screens with the product in action, and pulled everything together with music and voiceover. The client was excited to share the final product at a keynote at Inspire and on social media—and had a new acting credit to boot.