Entice conference attendees

  • Animated video
  • Digital signage

Listen & learn

AB SCIEX, a global leader in life sciences instruments, needed digital signage displayed on vertically-oriented flat screens for their VIP lounge at one of the industry’s most important conferences. Nayamode-Bluewave saw an opportunity to help create something dynamic and engaging, and recommended a series of videos that would introduce their products and showcase how they and their partners have positively affected change across the world.

Nayamode Bluewave client AB Sciex

Distill & create

Nayamode-Bluewave worked closely with AB SCIEX’s design team to create eight videos with eye-catching animation. Our team knew the message had to be visually inspiring to truly capture the AB SCIEX story. These videos told an engaging story that spoke to the important work that the company and their partners have been doing in the field of mass spectrometry.